August 03, 2020


Be your own health insurance advocate...

1.  Claim Submission - A claim can really go sideways if this isn't done right. Don't let it happen. Cross all t's and dot all i's.
2.  Customer Service - If you get a denial, your first call to have it corrected is here.
3. Medical Bill Auditing - A must with inpatient hospital stays and other high dollar care.
4Appeals- Customer service wasn't any help? This is the next step.
5.  Medical Records - To help you in your appeal, you'll definitely need these.
6.  Negotiation - No insurance, or swamped and can't pay? Check out these tips.
7.  Healthcare Reform - Good news for the health care consumer.
8.  Claims HelpLine - Further questions? Give us a call, and we'll be glad to help.

He made some good points before it all went off the rails. Anthony Weiner challenges the Republicans to put-up or shut-up on healthcare reform. "Our health and lives are sold out for corporate profits."